Best camera accessory: Apple SD card to Lightning adapter

We’re on holiday at the moment and I just imported and shared a bunch of baby pictures with the grandparents. And let me tell you: Forget your camera’s built-in WiFi, forget fiddling with QR codes and crappy camera manufacturer’s apps – the Apple SD card adapter is the way to go.

Yes, taking your card out is a bit annoying and the promise of doing it over WiFi sounds great. But transferring pictures takes forever over WiFi and you can dump all of the photos via the SD reader in the time it takes to get the phone connected to your camera’s WiFi.

Tip: keep a second SD card in the card reader and alternate between the two. That way you’ll you never go out without an SD card in your camera.

The import UI is really reliable in iOS 12, the card reader is pretty fast and uses USB-3 speeds if your phone supports it.

It’s also just $29, which by apple’s standards is cheap, so it’s even a great gift for a photographer. Get it now before Tim Cook finds out and raises the price to $49.

Get it on Amazon:

Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader on Amazon