Handle — bridging the gap between emails and todos

Handle is a (some might say ‘yet another’) iOS Gmail client, but unlike most that only really facilitate better email sorting, ‘snoozing’ and filtering, Handle can convert your emails into todos, calendar events or read later items.

While you can argue that there’s not really much difference between a ‘snoozed email’ and a todo item related to that email, I find it helps knowing that the email has been dealt with and isn’t just going to show up again in my inbox. I usually also try to add a due date and additional notes to the todo entry, so I’ve already made some progress just by creating the entry.

The Handle team says wider IMAP support is on their todo list, so the real test will come once I can use Handle with all of my work emails. But so far I’m really liking the workflow on iOS — bridging the gap between email and todo adds a lot of value.

So don’t let the annoying tutorial put you off, if you use Gmail and haven’t found your ideal email & todo system yet, give Handle a try.