ioscon 2017 – building apps for iOS, macOS and tvOS

This year I had the opportunity to give a talk at ioscon 2017 on how equinux builds apps for all three of Apple’s major platforms.

Shipping a product on multiple platforms adds additional overhead and effort, both of which can be kept to a minimum with the right approach and workflows.

Our developers have so much experience building apps for iOS & macOS, they were able to apply that to tvOS when it came out.

I shared some of the lessons we learnt, as well as a few tips on how to decide whether multi-platform is a good fit for your product and how to think about the design of your product across multiple platforms.

Head over to Skills Matter to watch the full talk

A note on ioscon

This was my first year at ioscon and I had a blast. The talks were really good and gave in-depth looks at topics I hadn’t seen covered elsewhere.

You got the feeling all the attendees really knew their stuff and we had some great conversations after most sessions.