My 2018 book review

In 2018 I read 22 non-work related books, (down from 29 in 2017 – blame the baby). There were a bunch of different titles I really enjoyed, so I’ve tried to pick the three that stuck with me most.

The Count of Monte Cristo

I’ve be meaning to read this classic for ages and really enjoyed it. There are free copies available, but I’d recommend getting a more recent translation if you’re not familiar with French expressions – the version I read had a lot of literal translations that sounded a bit odd unless you had some idea of the original.

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Homicide by David Simon

This is the book which informed much of the TV series The Wire. As a fan of that show, I really enjoyed this book, but I’d be hesitant to recommend it if you haven’t watched it. It’s a great addendum if you’re hankering for more after finishing The Wire.

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Deke Slayton played a large roll in Jim Lovell’s book on the Apollo program and his autobiography offers an interesting retrospective of the entire space program. He had a lot of insight via his role as chief astronaut responsible for crew selection, so there are some great anecdotes in there.

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That’s it! I’m always on the lookout for new book tips – hit me up on Twitter or by email!