Olympus 25mm f1.8 vs. Panasonic 25mm f1.7

The Micro Four-Thirds system has always offered a pretty decent range of sharp, fast prime lenses, and now there’s a new option from Panasonic.

Olympus introduced their 25mm f1.8 lens two years ago and now Panasonic is following suit with a new 25mm f1.7 prime lens.

Note: Panasonic produced an earlier 25mm lens as part of their Leica partnership. This “PanaLeica” 25mm features an impressive f1.4 aperture and produces great results. It is somewhat older however, so doesn’t focus nearly as fast as the two newer models and is a bit bulkier. But if fast aperture is your priority, it’s still worth taking a look at.

So which 25mm prime lens should you get? I own the Olympus 25mm and have played with the Panasonic for a bit, so here are a few thoughts.


The Panasonic 25mm has a f1.7 aperture and is a bit cheaper, going for just $249 / €199 on Amazon, compared with the Olympus at $299 or even €349 here in Germany.

However, it can occasionally lack a bit in sharpness off-center and is a little bit bigger than the Olympus model.


The Olympus 25mm f1.8 was introduced 2 years ago and offers a really great lens in a compact package. While both lenses are made of plastic with metal bayonets, the Olympus feels slightly sturdier. Both come with a lens hood and offer similarly-styled focus rings.

The Olympus 25mm is a great lens and tack sharp throughout. It does have a slightly lower aperture of f1.8 vs f1.7 on the Panasonic, but you’re not missing much.

Here are a few Olympus samples:





Neither lens is stabilized, something worth bearing in mind if you have an older Panasonic camera that doesn’t do in-body stabilization.


Unless you can get the Panasonic at a really amazing price, I’d recommend springing for the Olympus. The 25mm focal length is a great format for a wide-range of scenarios and I hardly ever take mine off, so it’s worth getting the better version.


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Olympus 25mm f1.8 on Amazon.de

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