Shortcodes for Snippets

There are a bunch of little snippets I occasionally need but can’t always quite remember the syntax for, e.g.

* [] for checklists


``` for code blocks```

To use these without looking up the syntax, I’ve configured shortcodes for more memorable commands – * t for checklists and ´´´ to paste the current clipboard into a markdown codeblock.

I’ve also configured !!alt for ⌥ and equivalent commands for all the other common macOS symbols, nicer → arrows ← etc.

There are a bunch of other ways to do this – you can get a lot done with the built-in macOS / iOS text replacement options, or a lot of other tools also offer similar replacement options – is my go to workflow tool of choice.

So if you have anything you find yourself struggling to remember or would like nicer symbols, try setting up some handy text replacements!