App Tip: Screenie 2 – OCR for screenshots

I take a lot of screenshots in my role as PM – taking screenshots of apps I’m working on, collecting UI inspiration or documenting bugs.

Since 2015 I’ve collected about 10.000 screenshots and I often want to check a dialog or edge-case. But finding the right old screenshot takes forever.

Enter Screenie 2: it performs optical character recognition on your screenshots so you can simply enter the text that might be in the image and it works really well!

Finding Mail Designer 365's feature on the App Store
Finding Mail Designer 365’s feature on the App Store

It’s also just a really convenient way to quickly grab a screenshot you’ve taken earlier: you can assign Screenie to a global shortcut (I used ⌃ + s) to quickly drag your screenshot off the pane, or the last image you took off the menu bar item.

It’s a cool, simple utility in the tradition of the best macOS apps and available directly from the developer’s website.

You can donate to the developers there as well, which I highly recommend you do.